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Got Bad Embroidery?

Poor quality logo embroideryWe always provide you the best quality logo embroidery available. Send us a picture of the poor logo embroidery from your current provider, and we will set it up for you at no charge when you order at least 12 pieces with embroidery. If your embroidery is puckered, looks "thin", or has illegible text it is a sure sign of inexperience or worse yet, indifference. This is how we set the standards for quality logo embroidery.

Many competitors contract out their embroidery to a low price embroidery contractor who seldom have the same standards as those of us who do our embroidery in-house. We always guarantee the quality of the products we sell and our embroidery or other embellishment. Talk with one of our experienced sales professionals or email your picture along with a digital version of your logo to