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Sep 01

Branding With Logo Golf Shirts

  • Posted By : Randy McKernan
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On vacation this summer 1200 miles away I had a sense of pride in noticing logoed shirts  from several of our customers.  We ship all over the US and we have customers in all parts of the world, but you don’t really appreciate that until you leave home and see your work 1200 miles away, or pass someone in an airport wearing a golf shirt we provided.

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May 10

Performance Polo Shirt Fabrics

Performance Polo sells the best selection in high quality embroidered polo shirts available online. Most of our shirts are made of technical performance fabrics from the major brand names in the industry. There’s a lot of hype today about performance fabrics, but not a lot of explanation about what that really means. Fabrics can be engineered to meet a variety of performance characteristics from moisture wicking to flame resistance. For the purpose of this writing we are referencing fabrics used in high end polo shirts and sportswear to enhance comfort and wearability.

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Oct 26

Under Armour Men's Team Colorblock Polo Review

If you're familiar with Under Armour's "Loose Fit" shirts that you've bought at your local sporting goods store then you know exactly how this will fit you and your crew.  The "loose fit" is a traditional fit, true to size, and a little forgiving.  So you can order what you're used to and be confident that everyone in your group will have a big enough shirt.  I'm typically a medium and this medium fit me with some extra room, but I wouldn't down-size to a small either.  They do a good job of providing enough excess shirt to keep everything tucked and looking good.

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