Under Armour Men's Team Colorblock Polo Review

Under Armour Colorblock Polo

If you're familiar with Under Armour's "Loose Fit" shirts that you've bought at your local sporting goods store then you know exactly how this will fit you and your crew.  The "loose fit" is a traditional fit, true to size, and a little forgiving.  So you can order what you're used to and be confident that everyone in your group will have a big enough shirt.  I'm typically a medium and this medium fit me with some extra room, but I wouldn't down-size to a small either.  They do a good job of providing enough excess shirt to keep everything tucked and looking good.

The fabric offers a nice smooth hand, isn't too heavy or thick of a material while not being too light either.  It feels and wears very well, and is a great surface for embroidery.  The color-blocking just gives an athletic, team look to the shirt.  The extra design grabs a little more attention from passersby and it helps you stand out too.  The underarms, just like the shoulders, are the contrasting color of fabric.  That contrasting color panel under the arms is also a mesh, giving you added comfort in those hotter or more stressful situations.  Not mention it looks good! 

The shirt can be worn either tucked or untucked, and is appropriate for your sports team/staff, your tradeshow, your business meeting, your round of golf, and everything in between.  There is also a Women's Under Armour Colorblock Polo so you can match everyone in your group while having a more feminine fit that the ladies on the team will appreciate.  Women's sizes aren't available in all Under Armour polos, so if you're outfitting both men and women this is a great option for you. Follow this link to purchase the Men's Under Armour Colorblock Polo.