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Custom Embroidered Golf and Polo Shirts

Free Custom Embroidery

Your custom logo embroidery is done in our warehouse, not out-sourced like many competitors. Our experienced and skilled staff thoroughly reviews and inspects each order before shipping to ensure the highest quality and customer satisfaction. With every order we are proud to include your custom logo embroidery at no additional charge.

Embroidery is our most popular decorating option! This process is excellent for logos of approx 4" or less, where your design is sewn directly into the product. We usually embroider shirts and outerwear on the chest area, but other options include the sleeve, cuff, below the collar (on the back), or on the collar. Hats can be embroidered on the front, side or back, and other products we sell such as brief cases are usually limited to one or 2 locations which can be embroidered.

ProGolfShirts.com has been providing the finest quality embroidered corporate apparel since 1999. Embroidered golf and polo shirts are our most popular products, but we also sell a full line of embroidered shirts, hats, outerwear, bags, through our parent company Image Connection. Click here to go to our Image Connection website for a complete selection of available products.

Free Custom Embroidery

FREE custom embroidery in a single location is provided on all orders with "like embroidery". (We ask that ALL shirts on a single order are to be embroidered with the same logo). Color changes on pieces of an order are included at no charge. If your order requires special instructions, please specify these in the box provided at the end of checkout, or contact us at 866-250-3676.

Embroidery Setup

Send us your company logo, and we'll set up your embroidery for just a one-time $50 set-up fee for most logos.

When placing your order, you will be prompted to upload your artwork. Your artwork is then "digitized" to create an embroidery file that directs our equipment for each stitch required, when to change thread colors, where to trim threads, etc. We can set this up from almost any good quality artwork you can provide in a digital format. Within 1-2 days (usually 24 hours) we will provide you with a digital proof or a sewn swatch of your design for approval before we embroider any product. We actually set up your design, sew it on a like fabric, and email you a photograph for approval.  We will always work with you to make sure your design is acceptable. Small lettering may have to be enlarged or eliminated to keep the design looking good. It will closely emulate the artwork you provide, so make sure the design we start with is what you want. If you prefer to email us your design for your order or just for evaluation, click here.

Click here to see our embroidery thread color options.

Embroidery Location

Embroidery location is a matter of preference. Most logos are sewn on the left or right chest, sleeve, or the back yoke of the shirt, and they are usually between 2 1/2" and 4" wide. Some garments have limitations like large labels in the back of the neck, or brand logos on the sleeve. We will do our best to accommodate your requirements.

Turnaround Time

Generally 7-10 Days. Rush orders are accepted as our schedule allows at no additional charge.

Minimum Order

All orders have an absolute 4 piece minimum.

Embroidery Samples

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